ActiMaris® Sensitive Wound Irrigation Solution

ActiMaris® Sensitive Wound Irrigation Solution for skin, mucous membrane and wounds

Product profile

ActiMaris® Sensitive wound irrigation solution is made of water, sea salt (1.2 %), sodium hypochlorite NaOCl (0.04 %) and hypochlorous acid HOCI (0.004 %).
Sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) and sea salt have an eliminating effect on typical sore pathogens without damaging the tissue. The decontaminating effect against MRSA / VRE tested positive. The oxidative effect of sodium hypochlorite and hypertonic saline are also responsible for the neutralisation of wound odours.
The alkaline pH-value of ActiMaris® Sensitive wound irrigation solution supports due to the provision of OH-ions (as part of a naturally balanced redox system) additionally the release of oxygen. Sea salt contains sodium chloride as its main ingredient (NaCl = 98 %) as well as 2 % other sea salts.
The increased salinity of ActiMaris® Sensitive wound irrigation solution in turn ensures an optimum hyperosmotic effect so that peri-wound swelling subsides quickly.

Areas of application

ActiMaris® Sensitive wound irrigation solution is suitable:
for cleaning, humidification, decontamination, biofilm resolution, reduction of swelling and physiological debridement, to create an optimal “micro environment” of:

  • Acute mechanical wounds (skin lacerations, bites, cuts, abrasions, fissures and contusions) and post-operative wounds
  • Chronic wounds (pressure ulcers, arteriovenous ulcers, diabetic ulcers)
  • Necrotic, malodorous wounds and ulcerating tumours, even with cavities (hollow spaces)
  • Thermal and chemical wounds (burns 1st to 3rd degree)
  • Entry portals of urological catheters and PEG tubes and drains
  • Venous ulcers
  • Intrathoracic, peritoneal and ostomy rinses

For intra-operative cleaning and irrigation of superficial wounds.
For moistening of bandages and wound dressings.
During dressing changes to loosen encrusted bandages or other encrusted wound dressings.
For the local treatment of the skin and mucous membrane in inflammatory and infectious processes.
For the prevention of infection at the mucous membrane and skin, burns and other wound types.

Tissue compatibility and bio-compatibility

ActiMaris® Sensitive wound irrigation solution is suitable for long-term as well as repeated use during bandage changes even with irritated skin and mucous membrane. The application is almost painless and is generally well tolerated by allergy sufferers. Inhibition of granulation and epithelialisation is not to be feared. ActiMaris® Sensitive wound irrigation solution is dermatologically assessed as safe.

Depending on the thickness and strength of the fibrin coatings, microbial colonisation, maceration of the wound edges or irritation, the wet phase should be adjusted to the appropriate stage, e.g. fibrin-covered, foul-smelling wounds heavily colonised by germs – 15-20 minutes contact. Stable wound environment, clean wound bed with no microbial abnormality – 5-10 minutes contact.

Now apply ActiMaris® Wound Gel and bandage with sterile gauze. Can be repeated several times a day and over an extended period of time.

  • Pain-free
  • Pure natural product
  • Reduces the risk of re-infection


Water, sea salt, sodium hypochlorite

Pack sizes

300 ml / Art-Nr.: 30350

1000 ml / Art-Nr.: 31050

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