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Product profile– ActiMaris®

In ActiMaris® products, the cleaning power, as well as the tissue decongestion and germ reduction, can be attributed both to the individual ingredients and to the interaction of all the ingredients. The ionized sea water, the reactive oxygen species (ROS) and the high pH value contribute to the effect of physical cleaning and decontamination. Essentially, the following properties can be assigned to individual ingredients:

100% natural

As can be seen from the ingredients on our product packaging, they all originate in nature and are not manufactured synthetically or chemically. ActiMaris® contains only electrically charged seawater, nothing else. The ActiMaris® complex is an ionized and high-energy seawater solution with colligative properties, and optimal electrical conductivity for the stimulation of cell migration.

Reactive oxygen species (ROS)

The human body possesses more microorganisms than cells; these are called human microbiomes. In order to keep these microorganisms balanced, the body’s defence system forms leukocytes (immunocytes). The neutrophil granulocytes and macrophages produce reactive oxygen species (ROS) that can oxidise undesirable microorganisms and thereby have a strong decontaminating effect. The reactive oxygen species act as regulators of immune reactions and as signal molecules, but must be kept in balance by the REDOX system.

The reactive oxygen species create an environment that is hostile to germs. Thus, they have a natural preservative and germ-reducing effect.

1,2 – 3,0% Sea salt

Because the concentration of sea salt exceeds the physiological value of 0.9%, a hyperosmolar and thusa decongestant effect takes place in the tissue of the wound and for an effective biofilm reduction. This reduces wound pain and improves local circulation. The ionized sea water achieves a deep effect because the H2O clusters in ionized water are smaller and so they can penetrate deeper into the tissue. On top of this, simple sea salt has germ-reducing properties.

Alcaline pH value

In chemistry, the hydrogen ion concentration is identified by the pH value. Acids have a high concentration of H+ ions and have an oxidising effect. Basic substances, on the other hand, have a high proportion of OH- ions and have a reducing effect. This is why basic substances are also antioxidants (such as peroxidases, which catalyse the reduction of peroxides), i.e. they counteract oxidation and through chemical neutralisation they render harmless the increased concentration of free radicals, such as oxygen superoxide. As a result, ActiMaris® products “incorporate” a natural REDOX system (electrochemical potential). It is also known that the enzymes, signal molecules, neurotransmitters and growth factors, which are important for the individual wound healing phases, can optimally exert their effects in an alkaline environment (especially in the phase of epithelialisation).